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The light beyond

30 sec, f18, 26mm, ISO 1000
30 sec, f18, 26mm, ISO 1000

You may think I am a bit strange, but I don’t mind walking around  a cemetery at night. Actually I find it almost comforting, particularly this one because my late father it at this one.

This photo is very evocative for me as it seems to be saturated with symbolism. I hope you enjoy it.


Three Mile Dam

In the Australian Snowy Mountains, Chinese miners built this dam to separate precious gold from the earth. I am sure, not only photographers thank them – so does the local wildlife.

Three Mile Dam -  ISO 200, 1/80sec at f14, 18mm
Three Mile Dam – ISO 200, 1/80sec at f14, 18mm

Malabar Bay searchlight blockhouse

Malabar Headland Searchlight blockhouse – ISO 3200, 60sec, f11, 200mm

This is the second in the series of “five on a theme” images I showed at the local photo club recently

The theme I chose were the searchlight blockhouses at the Malabar Headland.

This one was originally shot in color and, as there was no moon that night, was lit from across the bay where I was shooting by the Malabar sea pool floodlight.

I was shooting into the dark using 3200 ISO  adjusting the framing based on the image in the review screen after the exposure.

I like the grain effect, I think it adds to the overall feel of the photo.

Botany Pumping Station

Botany Pumping Station – Panorama

The Botany Pump Station supplied water to the city of Sydney from 1859 to 1886. It drew water from the Botany Swamps which now are more commonly know as the Mill and Engine Pond. Don’t you love that name, sounds really industrial.

These days, the  Botany pumping station is a bit of a relic and is situated to the south-east of Sydney Airport.  In 1896, the machinery and boilers were dismantled leaving the chimney stack in tact (have a look at its glory here). When the Airport was developed, the stack was considered a hazard to aircraft and was pulled down to the level you seen now in the photo above.


Cheers for now.

Chemical Plant

ICI Chemical Plant – 18mm, ISO 100, 13sec, f16


Local communities are always suspicious of chemical plants, and over the years this one, smack bang in the middle of Sydney’s south-east, is no different.

The one last relic of the area’s former heavy industrial past, I though I would get a few night shots of it too is demolished and turned into an office park.

I love the colors and shapes of these places.

Hope you enjoy.

Until the next post, have a good weekend.


Movie sets, Bridges, Boats and Islands

Bare Island (B&W) – 18mm, ISO 100, 4sec, f22

Bare Island, in the northern part of Botany Bay, was named when the explorer Captain James Cook remarked – that’s ‘a small bare island’

Bare Island, now a museum, has a checkered history. In 1877, a fort to protect Sydney from sea attacks was build on the Island. In 1902, the fort was decommissioned and in 1912, it became a retirement home for war veterans from the Crimea, Sudan and China campaigns. In the 1960s, it was given over to the State government Wildlife Service for use as a museum, which remains is current role.

But there is one part of the Island’s history that few people, apart from locals, know about.

Well, Bare Island is a major film star, and if you are into action films there is a good chance you would have seen this one.

A co-star was none other than Tom Cruise.

Are you finding it Impossible to guess?

Ok Ok, it was Mission Impossible II.

Does this look familiar? If not have a look at this, or this (from the 3:33 to the 3:45 mark) – did you recognise the Island or the Bridge?

Yep, the Malabar headland was also used in the Movie and featured in the motorcycle chase scene, (see from 1:42 to about 2:13 in this clip).

Well that’s it for the history lesson for now, hope you enjoy the photo.

See you at the next post!

Maroubra Headland (yet another point of view)

North Maroubra Headland – 18mm, ISO 100, 1/3 sec, f22

This week the theme is getting another point of view. Actually this morning was so lovely, the difficulty was finding a shot which did not have another photographer with their tripod.

Hope you enjoy it.