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Night Road

I love the loneliness of country roads at night.

Night road-1201


Bronte Beach by Night

This is a beautiful place by day and I would say even more so by night.

Bronte by Night-1522

The light beyond

30 sec, f18, 26mm, ISO 1000
30 sec, f18, 26mm, ISO 1000

You may think I am a bit strange, but I don’t mind walking around  a cemetery at night. Actually I find it almost comforting, particularly this one because my late father it at this one.

This photo is very evocative for me as it seems to be saturated with symbolism. I hope you enjoy it.

Brae Lossie Stars

For the last two years, we have stayed at a farm stay in the Gingkin area of NSW. I have been so taken by the beauty of the stars there, I recently asked if I could take a shot of the early winter starscape. It’s the kind of place where major constellations are drowned out by all the other bright stars. Can you pick out Scorpious the scorpion? This is a link to the farm’s website.

25sec, f4, ISO1600, 16mm
25sec, f4, ISO1600, 16mm