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Night Road

I love the loneliness of country roads at night.

Night road-1201


Bronte Beach by Night

This is a beautiful place by day and I would say even more so by night.

Bronte by Night-1522

The light beyond

30 sec, f18, 26mm, ISO 1000
30 sec, f18, 26mm, ISO 1000

You may think I am a bit strange, but I don’t mind walking around  a cemetery at night. Actually I find it almost comforting, particularly this one because my late father it at this one.

This photo is very evocative for me as it seems to be saturated with symbolism. I hope you enjoy it.

Cow 224

This a first for the SELens. This photo of cow 244, is the first post created entirely on a tablet device. It’s a bit grainy but to some extent I think it adds to the effect. I love the look of cows and I think this captures something special about 244. I wonder if it’s lonely in that paddock? What do you think?