About the SEL

The South East Lens(SEL)  is a photo blog about taking photographs where you live. Living in a place, you begin to take things for granted, however I have found that with a camera in your hand your forced to look at subjects in a more considered way.

Living in an area actually gives you an advantage – not only do you know the history of things and their stories, but at some time you have probably seen your subjects in their best light – so as if by instinct, you will know how good they can look.  It’s this realisation that is the inspiration for this blog.

 The challenge I have set my self is to find the best in what is commonly around me.

About Me

I fell in love with photography when I was a student many years ago and have experimented with it ever since.

I have perused several careers,  first a paper boy, then I packed supermarket shelves,  I was a psychologist and am now a government policy writer. Over most of that time I have been a husband to my very patient wife and father to my three boys.

Now, as I think about the end of my work life, my mind turns more and more to the things that give me the deepest pleasure, the beauty of things around me and exploring them through my passion with photography.



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Images from south east Sydney

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