A 1939 searchlight blockhouse

Malabar Headland southern light blockhouse – ISO 100, 121 sec, f8

Its been a while since my last post but here we go with a few photos on a theme.

These next few photo posts got a positive reception at the local photo club. The competition was ‘five on a theme’, where as the title suggests, we had to submit five photos on one theme. I chose to focus on the Malabar Headland north and south searchlight blockhouses. I will only be posting four new photos because regular followers will have seen one of the five before – see here .

If you live in New South Wales, and are interested in meeting people with a similar passion in photography, I would highly recommend attending your local photography club. Most have competition and regular information nights which are fantastic learning opportunities, you get immediate feedback and best of all they are full of people who love to share information from years and years of practice and passion. Follow this link for more information.

For my set of photos, I wanted to tell the Malabar searchlight blockhouse story – not many people know they exist let alone realise the part they played in Sydney’s naval defence during world war II. To leave people with no doubt about what these decaying structures were used for, my first photo attempts to capture feel and look of how they would have appeared back in 1939.

Do you think the photo works? Could I have done it better?

At first the judge’s eye was taken by the blown out highlight in the box – highlights like these are considered a no no in photos as they do tend to draw the eye’s attention but have no detail of interest. My intention for it was to emphasise the intensity of the light and he seemed to think, on this occasion,  it worked because it was consistent with the story of the photo.

What do you think?


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