Movie sets, Bridges, Boats and Islands

Bare Island (B&W) – 18mm, ISO 100, 4sec, f22

Bare Island, in the northern part of Botany Bay, was named when the explorer Captain James Cook remarked – that’s ‘a small bare island’

Bare Island, now a museum, has a checkered history. In 1877, a fort to protect Sydney from sea attacks was build on the Island. In 1902, the fort was decommissioned and in 1912, it became a retirement home for war veterans from the Crimea, Sudan and China campaigns. In the 1960s, it was given over to the State government Wildlife Service for use as a museum, which remains is current role.

But there is one part of the Island’s history that few people, apart from locals, know about.

Well, Bare Island is a major film star, and if you are into action films there is a good chance you would have seen this one.

A co-star was none other than Tom Cruise.

Are you finding it Impossible to guess?

Ok Ok, it was Mission Impossible II.

Does this look familiar? If not have a look at this, or this (from the 3:33 to the 3:45 mark) – did you recognise the Island or the Bridge?

Yep, the Malabar headland was also used in the Movie and featured in the motorcycle chase scene, (see from 1:42 to about 2:13 in this clip).

Well that’s it for the history lesson for now, hope you enjoy the photo.

See you at the next post!


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