Halloween!? No Way…..This is real!

Malabar Battery – 18mm, ISO 5600, 15sec, f18

This weekend, I decided to explore the Malabar Coastal Battlement a bit more – this time to find the tunnels that run between the gun placements. Did I get a shock at what I found?!

It was a beautiful morning, and I was just starting to get carried away the lovely coastal bush when before I knew it, I had stumbled upon one of the two gun placements that had been built in 1943. The history of this place has fascinated me recently but what I experienced in the next few moments will live with me for a long time to come.

For years, these abandoned army installations were overtaken by local young people. Have a look at this Youtube clip on some of their explorations. In fact, even when I was at Uni, many of my mates had made a habit of exploring these tunnels, as well as many others around Sydney. At the time, I remember some of the stories they came back with.

These stories have continued and over the years – and recently a documentary was made about them. Have a look here, and here. What these film makers uncovered shocked the nation – well kind of. (Warning – this footage is deeply disturbing stuff, not for the faint of heart).

As I stood there that morning, the hair on the back of my head was on end – I could hear voices coming from underground. Looking for an explanation I searched, and I found the tunnel entrance.

Thinking back,  I am so pleased I kept my cool when I found what was causing the voices. I was quick enough to set up my tripod and get this shot of a film crew making a TV advertisement for a cosmetic product.

Stay safe over the next month and may your shutters be fast but quiet.

Until next time.


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