The South East Sydney Coast

South Maroubra Rocks – 18mm, ISO 100, 1.6sec, f16

The south east Sydney coast line is another local photographer’s delight. From it’s rock pools, its beaches, its people and its tall cliffs, where ever you go, there is always a photo opportunity.

I grew up around Coogee and Maroubra beaches, so you will find me constantly going back there as I did for this sunrise photo.

For me, there is nothing more affirming to the human soul and the human condition than to be a witness to the thing that has happened each day since the dawning of our time on this planet – the rising of the sun each morning.

I am not the only one who feels this, we all feel it.  I have not met any one who will not stand in awe when the sun is rising. It just has that affect on us and luckily  for we photographers, we can capture some of this essence in photographic images.

I hope you enjoy the rocks at the south end of Maroubra beach as much as I enjoyed taking it earlier this year on a south east Sydney winter morning.

Have a good weekend and may your shutters be fast but quite.

Until next time.


9 thoughts on “The South East Sydney Coast”

      1. There is a submission tab on the gallery site with info.
        You definitely qualify in talent! Just let me know if you have a connection to mental health issues (self or others close to you). It can be anything from situational depression or anxiety to more diagnosed illness, or even just feeling for the cause. Please e-mail any questions or submissions. Thanks.


  1. Thanks for the compliment. I do have a feeling for the cause, in fact a strong feeling for the cause. I would love to submit something. I will give it some thought and be in contact. Again thanks for the offer.


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