To experiment

Malabar Headland – 18mm, ISO 400, 107sec, f11

As photographers we are repeatedly advised, in order to keep improving take as many photographs as you can. So last Saturday night I did – mostly I experimented and ended up with this beauty.

As you can see I am somewhat taken by the Malabar headland, and in particular this pillbox – on this occasion I was aware that the  moon would be rising so I wanted to get a shot of the pillbox with the moon as a feature.

I arrived an hour before moonrise, so not to let any opportunity pass, I though I would do some light painting. I had two speedlights, one with a gel that I had made as per instructions here.   I painted the inside using one speedlight covered with a gel and the outside lit using a speedlight with out any gels.  I had been here before and lit up the entire structure with out gels and this version is much more interesting.

When I got home to have a look at the shots in PhotoShop, I was pleased with the results, I adjusted for the green in the sky from the city glow, brought the the blue out a bit and gave it a some saturation and clarity. All in all not too bad I think.

What happen to the moon idea, mm well, it was going to be too late before it moved into frame as I wanted it,  it was cold and windy, so off to a warm bed for me.  It was not totally wasted though, it  has given me an idea for another post, so stay tuned.

Until next time.


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