Gardners Road Underpass – Panorama

This photo is of the Gardners Road underpass near Eastlakes.

If you were to categorise it in terms of art photography, it would be considered as ‘street photography‘ because it shows a straight vision of something and aims to make comment about our modern lives or our society. The fact that it is a panorama of a tunnel is unusual and that together with the quality of the light makes for a somewhat enigmatic image.  The street story it’s telling is that of  a vacant wall and how they are open prey for local ‘artists’.  This wall, it appears, has just begun to lose its battle to keep pure.

For me however, this is not a street photo, and if you’re wondering why the photo is called ‘Otto’,  your on the way to figuring out this photograph’s true story. Just so you know, Otto is a good friend, he is playful, he can be serious, Otto is patient, Otto is loyal. Yes, as you may have guessed, Otto is my pet boxer and he is sitting in the tunnel half way down on the right.

Now how is this photo dedicated to him, what is it about Otto that I am aiming to emphasise or highlight, I hear you ask?  Well its quite literal: if you have ever created a panorama photo, you know they take a long time to create in the camera.  Panoramas are made up of several overlapping photographs (8 for this one). I used a tripod, the exposures for each shot have to be identical and each has to overlap by at least 30% with the previous one so that when you export them into software like Photoshop, there is enough in common between each photo for the software to stich them together seamlessly. It’s quite technical, and time consuming.

On this occasion in order to get the best final product I had to take to two series of photos which all up must have taken me about 6-8 minutes, and you guessed it, Otto sat and did not move until I was finished.

What loyalty, what affection!

What a dog!

And its not to bad as a photo goes either.

What do you think? Have you seen a photo like this one? let me know.

Am I pushing the edge here, I would love to hear what you think, so feel free to leave a comment.


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