Bubbles on a rock

 185mm, ISO 100, 1/500th, f.4.0

Photographing a local area is not just about photographing the obvious, take for example this abstract take on waves smashing on the rocks.

I could get lost in this photo. I took this shot from on top of the cliffs down onto the rocks which was a distance of almost 60 meters. I love the colors and the shapes that have been created as the water has smashed up against the rocks.

Because I am using a telephoto lens, the depth of  field is very small so some of the droplets are in focus and some are not. I think the photo works, because it tells a story of the beauty that comes out of the violence of the water smashing against the rocks. I think the in-focus/out of focus nature helps take the eye on a bit of an exploration of where the sole of the picture is. I think it’s in the darker patch down near the rock.


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