Now Watching You!

Malabar Headland – 18mm, ISO 100, 1.3sec, f11

For years I have walked past these pillboxes and never so much as taken a second look, but with a little bit of research, not only have I been able to get a fantastic shot but also uncovered some interesting local history and community activity that achieved the preservation of this area for public use for ever.

This pillbox is near and perhaps part of the Malabar Battery which was a coastal defense installment built in 1943 during World War II. The battery is located on Malabar Headland and is also known as Boora Point Battery built to complement the existing coastal defense batteries at nearby Henry Battery, Banks Battery and Bare Island Fort.

Over the years there has been a strong and persistent group of local people who on On 9 May 2012 achieved their aim of protecting the area as a national park with introduction to the Parliament of Australia of the Malabar Headland Protection Bill 2012.

The historic value of the area is fantastic and ironic at times because even the graffiti, which we all despise on our public building these days, is considered valuable as some of it also dates back to World War II. You have to love that!

The reason I have titled this image ‘Now Watching You’, is because it reflects the theme of the graffiti, which has large eyes with tears in them (one of which can be seen in the photo), and the former duty of the pillbox which was to watch over Sydney during the war.

While its present duty is just to watch every sunrise for the rest of its life, with the crying eyes on it, it also seems to be saying, don’t forget me.

But you know what, now as a result of what  the Friends of Malabar Headland have been able to achieve, we will never  forget.

Bye for now.


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