Sunrise on the South East (Sydney) Lens Blog

Sunrise at Mahon Pool
Mahon Pool, Maroubra, ISO 100, 1.3sec, F/22

Welcome to the South East (Sydney) Lens – a blog about the beauty and life around the south-east suburbs of Sydney – as seen through my camera lens.

I fell in love with photography more than 35 years ago when I got my first camera, a Praktika, as a Christmas gift from my parents. With my passion growing, while at University, I saved for almost nine months and proudly went into a photo shop in Market Street (an institution at the time but who’s name escapes me now) to pick up, the then state of the art, Nikon FA. The FA came with me everywhere I went – ah the memories, ah the photographs!

When I married, photography took second place to family, a career and the mortgage but now with more time and a better appreciation for the ‘important’ things in life, I am rediscovering my passion for this beautiful art. It has been a steep learning curve, not only rediscovering how to ‘see’ like a photographer again, but because now its all digital, in fact, it has been an absolutely fascinating journey which I now look forward to sharing on this blog. I have even found out a few new things about myself along the way – they say age does that to you.

This blog is also about the place I was born and have lived all my life – south-east Sydney. For the photographer the area provides abundant opportunities to capture fantastic and fascinating images. From its natural beauty, to its industrial landscapes, to the people who live here, it has been a joy for me to rediscover the area through my “newly found” camera lens.

I look forward to sharing and receiving your comments so come back every second day or so and have a look at what I have found. I hope you enjoy the images and my humble understandings of the photographic process.

One last note, I would just like to acknowledge a fellow blogger Judy who has inspired me to have a shot at sharing my love for photography and experiences as I learn. Judy writes a blog called Raising the Curtain so have a look, its lots of fun. Thanks Judy.

Cheers for now.


3 thoughts on “Sunrise on the South East (Sydney) Lens Blog”

    1. Thanks

      It has been a facinating process.

      It is a completly new world for me. There is so much out there, and such high quality – amazing!

      Steve’s story was lovely, thanks to you.



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